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UPDATE: Research Tracks

on Mon, 2019-12-02 13:32

As we informed you in our last newsletter a team had been assembled to work on the research tracks. MDR have received some updates about the process. There is now one or two responsible persons for each of the tracks (list below). Email lists have been compiled (but are not in use yet) for each research track in order to ensure that all students admitted to the track will receive information about track activities. All the PhD courses have also been classified into different research tracks and this information will be available when applying for courses in the future. There is also an aim that during the years 2020-2025 at least two theme days should have been held for each track. Important to know, is that even though all PhD students that have been accepted after 1st of January 2018 need to choose a track, participation in a track is not mandatory. MDR will follow the development of the tracks and keep you posted. There is also limited information available on the web page and only in Swedish. This we will highlight for the research track team and we hope to see an updated web page soon.

Inflammation: Maija-Leena Eloranta IMV
Neuroscience: M. Sjöblom & R. Bodén INV
Cancer: Per-Henrik Edqvist IGP/U-CAN
Reproduction & development: Theodora Kallak KBH
Drug development: Alexandra Teleki IfF
Infection: Lindon Moodie ILK
Cardiovascular: Kevin Mani IKV
Metabolism: Maria Perreira IMV
    (& G. Christoffersson?) (& MCB?)
Musculo-skeletal: (Anders Brüggemann?) (IKV?)